Jun 9, 2011

Scatterbrained but first post nonetheless!

I can't stop listening to this great Rusko song in between Lady Gaga's Born This Way CD which is on repeat on my iTunes and car. I have a serious love affair with that woman. and I never want it to end. Can't say enough good things about this cd...if you're lucky, you'll catch me performing these pieces of brilliance while I'm driving.

This Gaga obsession kind of takes over my whole life and a lot of my time. I stumbled upon these a-mazing GAGA Barbies tonight! I think the Brit Awards lace and beehive combo is my favorite ..complete with Barbie piano of course. I really want this "Veik11" character to make me one! 

One of my favorite labels right now LNA is having a huge sale on Hautelook right now so I'm trying not to buy everything I see. Shit. This is hard.  

I know I'm all over the map here but my brain goes a mile a minute and so do my fingers all over my 200 Google chrome tabs. Anyway, I'm currently ALSO dreaming of Electric Daisy Carnival in Vegas that's in a few weeks. I would do pretty much ANYTHING to go dance at an all night carnival for 3 days, wearing fuzzy neon leg warmers (my fav!) with the world's greatest electronic djs playing live AND while riding rides, but I'm just not able to go :(... and wouldn't want to without my wife anyway! Next year. Bible. 

I really want a lip tattoo with a word or two but I can't think of anything good enough. Suggestions are welcome. Oh and I REEAALLY want the silk "God Save McQueen" scarf that Rachel Zoe (my career idol) has in her Zoe Report today! Must.Have.It.

K must make my brain wind down. Goodnight world

..."come dance with me"

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